Challengers presented their work at 50 Year Celebration, and now it is time for OUR A&S 50 Challenge Celebration at Pennsic!

Our Pennsic display will be in the Barn, from 1:00 – 3:30 PM, on Tuesday, August 9th.

We’ll be setting up from noon-1 PM, then Albreda will say a few words, we’ll have a toast (and maybe a snack!), then we’ll greet the populace, and strike the displays from 3:30-4:00 PM.

Please register to display at Pennsic using the link to the left. You do not have to have finished your Challenge to display. You can bring either physical objects or photographs, and can even do a short performance, if you’d like!

I SO look forward to seeing your work, and you yourselves, at Pennsic. Hope you can make it.**  🙂   –Albreda

**For those who *cannot* make it, though, never fear! You will get to show off your work, too, once we get our Challenger Gallery set up here on the website! Sorry it is taking so long to get sorted, but we are trying to make it so you can upload and manage your gallery *yourself*, which I hope you agree is worth the wait.