Official Home of the Arts and Sciences 50 Challenge

“To learn and share of our learning… to create and share of our creation”


Read the original letter that started it all back in AS 42, and read Albreda’s notes on what sparked the idea of the A&S 50 Challenge to begin with!


Challengers presented their work at 50 Year Celebration, and now it is time for OUR A&S 50 Challenge Celebration at Pennsic!

Our Pennsic display will be in the Barn, from 1:00 – 3:30 PM, on Tuesday, August 9th.

Please read on to see how to register to display at our Challenge Celebration at Pennsic! I hope to see you there!



50 years may have come and gone, but the A&S 50 Challenge has no intention of stopping! We’ll continue to be a supportive and non-competitive A&S community where everyone is welcome well into the future, now with better technological infrastructure, and a whole new format…

Introducing Challenge Teams!